About Us

The story behind Andalusia Academy Bristol goes back as far as 1997 when a small group of individuals from the local community, already working in the field of education, wanted to establish a school that was inclusive of every Muslim – irrespective of race, colour, ethnic background or ideology and that was non-discriminatory in its ethos and practices.

This led to the establishment of Bristol Islamic Schools Trust (BIST) being formally registered as a charity and having trustees – senior and trusted members of the community - from every mosque giving the required level of stewardship to the functions of the charity.

Since 2005 when the school was first set up by BIST and operated from humble surroundings to present day when the school is blessed to have two large scale buildings serving children and young people 4 to 16 years, growth and expansion has been fast-paced and reflects the passion, vision and commitment of those involved. Alhamdulillah  

Andalusia Academy Bristol is an independent, full-time school registered with the the Department for Education. Our school registration number is 801/6130. The proprietor of the school, BIST, is registered with the Charity Commission; the charity registration number is 1070273.