The Trustees of Bristol Islamic Schools Trust, which is the proprietor of Andalusia Academy Bristol, include:

Dr Ghassan Nounu - Chair

Mr Abdul Wahab MBE - Vice Chair 

Mr Tariq Khan - Secretary 

Mr Tahir Mahmood - Assistant Secretary

Mr Razwan Akbar - Treasurer

Mr Nisar Ahmed - Assistant Treasurer 

Mrs Ogasso AbdouRahman

Mr Mukhtar Ahmad Younis

Mr Abdus Salam Chowdhury

Co-opted Trustees: Ms Azmina Mitha


The trustees appointed a governing body whose task is to hold the school management to account. This governing body includes the following governors:

Ms Hasina Khan - Chair

Mr Azir Razzak

Mr sakib Mirza

Dr Ahmad Nounu

Mr Andrew George

Mrs Deka Abdi

Mr AbdulKader Jama

Mr Gohair Ahmed


Andalusia Academy Bristol is an independent, full-time school registered with the the Department for Education. Our school registration number is 801/6130. BIST is a body registered with the Charity Commission; the charity registration number is 1070273.