Safer Internet Day

Date: 13 February 2015

On Tuesday 10th February schools across the country were celebrating Safer Internet Day (SID). 

Special assemblies for the primary and secondary school were held as well as a house assembly by Baghdad to promote internet safety awareness.

It is important for everyone in the school community to keep up with an increasingly digital environment in order to keep our children safe.  Sometimes young people can’t see the difference between their lives online and their lives offline so this theme encourages young people to think about how to use the powers of the internet to do good online and offline. 

The whole day was devoted to educating our pupils about how to be safe on the internet, highlighting issues and concerns young people have when they are online.  This included a visit from the police to talk about internet safety and a range of activities in the classrooms such as drama, games and quizzes.  The resource bank used to educate the pupils for this day can be viewed on the following link:

Follow-up sessions will be held for parents inshaAllah, including safe use of social media and tackling the hidden harms of social media and the internet that exploit children and young people.