AAB hits new high with Charity Week 2015

Date: 16 November 2015

In characteristically dynamic fashion, the AAB school community - spearheaded by Mrs Tazaoui - raised over £1000 for the annual Charity Week organised by Islamic Relief UK. The efforts from AAB included a cake competition, donations and collections from the school community and beyond and a jumble sale held by Mrs Wahid.

What appeared to be a slow start to this year's efforts picked up pace in the last few days, with AAB being recognised for "...exceptional skill, dedication and unity" and for being "Youth Stars" as the only school entering the competition for Wales and South West region. Mrs Tazaoui commented, "Many people mentioned how inspirational AAB is with the way in which it persevered with its efforts and raised this amount of money."

The school leadership would like to extend its sincere thanks to Mrs Tazaoui for her passion and drive to achieve this amazing feat mashaAllah.