Year 5 class

Date: 02 January 2016

Teacher: Mrs Mahmood

My name is Mrs Mahmood and I currently teach Year 5 at Andalusia Academy Bristol.  I am also the Literacy Co-ordinator which requires me to lead, manage and develop Literacy throughout the whole of Primary.   I qualified as a teacher with a BA Honours degree with Qualified Teacher Status at the University of the West of England in 2010.

 I am a hardworking, dedicated individual and take pride in seeing our children at Andalusia Academy Bristol develop and reach their full potential.

 Outside of work I love to go out for walks and jogs to maintain my fitness. Over the past couple of years Alhamdullilah I have taken part in numerous sponsored walks to support different charities.  Also, another passion I have is cooking in my spare time and being creative to produce exciting new dishes for my friends and family.


Learning Support Assistant - Mrs. Gill

 Salaam, My name is Rabia, and I am a Learning Support Assistant in Year 5. After 11 years of working in the commercial insurance industry, I decided to be courageous and pursue a career in education. I under took a qualification in “Supporting & Teaching in schools” alongside a work Placement, and continuing my part time job at Lloyds Bank. This was a tough year balancing studying, placement, work & family life!  But I don’t regret it at all as it was the best decision I ever made Alhamdulillah!

I have been at AAB for nearly 2 years now and I have loved every minute! I can only describe the staff & parents at Andalusia as a family. The majority of my Islamic education is from my parents & my sister, from studying an Islamic GCSE at a supplementary Islamic school and the study of the Seerah.  It is a great privilege and honour to work with such fantastic young people. I thoroughly enjoy guiding them in their academic and Islamic life. I feel respected & valued by everybody at AAB, particularly the children.

I have 2 children – Minaal & Zaym who are 4 & 7. They keep me very busy when I am at home. I also enjoy travelling, socialising and spending time with our extended family. I enjoy taking part in fundraising activities for various Muslim charities. My main motto is to keep smiling- Firstly because it’s Sunnah! And secondly because a smile makes everything easier! 

 May Allah keep our intentions sincere & may we continue to contribute to the success at AAB for the sake of Allah (SWT).